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How to Deliver Precise Audience Targeting for Amazon Advertisers

For enterprise brands and agencies, the quest for precise audience targeting via Amazon DSP has been an ongoing challenge.  
In a sea of potential customers, how do you ensure that your ads reach the right people, at the right time, with the right message? The lack of a reliable solution often leads to wasted resources, missed opportunities, and underwhelming campaign performance.

Here are just three common examples that may sound familiar:

Example 1: Wasting Ad Spend on Irrelevant Audiences

An agency launching a campaign for a luxury fashion brand, targeting high-income individuals interested in luxury goods. Without precise audience targeting, their ads may end up reaching a broad audience that includes budget-conscious shoppers with minimal interest in luxury products. This mismatch leads to wasted ad spend and missed opportunities to engage the right audience.  

Example 2: Overcoming Audience Limitations

A nail care company wants to optimize its Mother’s Day promotion by targeting specific customers from the previous year’s campaign and those interested in nail care. However, without accurate targeting, their ads could get served to audiences uninterested in nail care or those unresponsive to last year’s promotion. This could lead to ineffective advertising, lower returns, and missed opportunities to engage the most likely purchasers.

Example 3: Unlocking Keyword Potential

An automotive company, with an online retail arm for car accessories, wants to optimize their audience reach and re-engagement. However, their inability to create keyword-specific ad campaigns makes it challenging to target consumers searching for specific parts or car models. This prevents them from efficiently reaching potential customers indicated by their keyword searches.

Enter AMC Audiences and DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords —groundbreaking features from Pacvue, designed specifically for advertising brand managers that need more precise targeting capabilities to reach customers.

AMC Audiences can tackle the dual challenges of wasteful ad spending and audience inefficiencies. In the previous examples, it can empower the luxury brand to target high-income luxury enthusiasts, thus eliminating irrelevant ad exposure. Similarly, the nail care brand can use AMC Audiences to form custom segments, reaching previous customers and nail care enthusiasts alike.

Simply put, AMC Audiences delivers a precision targeting solution that minimizes wasteful ad spending and reduces campaign inefficiencies.

And DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords allows advertisers to now create audiences based on specific keyword searches, such as “nail polish” or “baby food.” The DSP feature builds out audiences based on people who have searched for your core keywords in the past or present.

What is AMC Audiences?

AMC Audiences is a game-changing feature that simplifies audience targeting for advertisers. It provides built-in audience templates and custom audience creation options, enabling precise targeting based on specific metrics and indicators.  

This means you can reach your desired audience segments more efficiently, leading to improved ad performance and better alignment with your business goals.

AMC Audiences offers:

  • Built-in Audience Templates: Say goodbye to time-consuming campaign setups! With ready-to-use audience templates based on industry best practices, you can quickly create DSP orders and save valuable time. These templates are proven to deliver exceptional audience segmentation strategies, ensuring your ads reach the right people effortlessly.
  • Custom Audience Creation: Tailor your targeting precisely to your campaign objectives. AMC Audiences empowers you to define your own audience criteria, selecting specific metrics and indicators that matter most to your brand. This flexibility ensures that your campaigns reach the most relevant and valuable audience segments, ultimately driving more sales.
  • Seamless DSP & AMC Data Integration: Make data-driven decisions like never before. With seamless integration between AMC Audiences, DSP, and AMC platforms, you can analyze consolidated data and gain valuable insights in real-time. Stay ahead of the competition by optimizing your marketing efforts, improving campaign performance, and maximizing your return on investment.

What is DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords?

DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords is a powerful feature that allows advertisers to leverage specific keywords from user search behavior. This feature helps brands expand reach, re-engage lost customers, and create more impactful campaigns that are built on search intent. With the ability to set lookback windows for search and purchase actions, advertisers can refine their targeting strategies and connect with customers at the right time.

This means advertisers are placing DSP ads not only In the right place but targeted at the right audiences with historic search alignment.

DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords offers:  

  • Precision Targeting: Target keywords that users have actively searched for, connecting with highly relevant audiences who have expressed explicit interest in your exact products or services. By focusing on highly interested audiences, brands improve the likelihood of driving qualified leads and conversions.
  • Expanded Reach: Keyword targeting opens access to a broader audience base and upper-level traffic, maximizing exposure but also amplifying potential customer acquisition.  
  • Re-engagement Opportunities: Advertisers can utilize keywords previously searched or associated with purchases by users to tailor their ad messaging. By aligning the ads with the users’ demonstrated interests and intent, advertisers enhance engagement and drive increased conversions.

Why Your Ad Managers Will Love AMC Audiences and DSP Recommendations

Before AMC Audiences, ad managers faced challenges in effectively targeting their desired audiences. The process was often cumbersome, requiring SQL knowledge and a significant amount of hands-on keyboard work. The lack of customization options meant less precise targeting and potentially lower campaign performance.

And of course, frustration.  

With AMC Audiences, this all changes. You gain access to built-in audience templates and the flexibility to create custom audiences tailored to your campaign objectives. This empowers you to target audiences more effectively, leading to improved ad performance and better alignment with your business goals.  

And the best part? No SQL knowledge is needed.

WIth DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords, you’re simplifying the way you target customers, leveraging their past search history to tailor your ad campaigns for audiences that will respond to your offers.

How Pacvue’s Audience Features Enrich Your Advertising Experience

Imagine you are an enterprise brand launching a new line of eco-friendly kitchen appliances. You want to target environmentally conscious consumers who have shown interest in sustainable products. With the traditional process, you’d have to sift through vast amounts of data, manually identifying potential customers.  

It’s not only a time-consuming process but leaves lots of room for error.

Enter AMC Audiences and DSP Audience Recommendations-Keywords.  

With these Pacvue features, you can create a custom audience of consumers who have shown interest in eco-friendly products, engaged with relevant search keywords, or have a history of purchasing sustainable items.  

To take our eco-friendly appliance example one step further: Imagine being able to quickly spin up campaigns with 100% confidence, targeting consumers that you know have recently purchased sustainable clothing or searched for solar energy products.

This precise targeting means your ads reach the right people at the right time, maximizing your marketing efforts and boosting campaign performance—with less work!

Integrating Your Campaigns with AMC and DSP Audiences  

AMC Audiences seamlessly integrates with DSP and AMC platforms, allowing for swift analysis of audience effectiveness and data-driven decision-making. This means you can quickly adjust your strategies based on real-time data, ensuring your campaigns are always optimized for success.

Ad Managers Run the Risk of Doing Nothing  

Without AMC and DSP Audience features, you’re stuck with the old way of doing things.  

That means less precise targeting, suboptimal keyword targeting, potentially lower campaign performance, and a whole lot of manual work.  

Let’s consider an example where you are a home automation brand that does not utilize AMC Audiences or DSP Audience Recommendations – Keywords. As you compete with other companies in the market, you find yourself at a significant disadvantage. Without the precise targeting capabilities offered by AMC and DSP Audiences, you struggle to effectively reach your target audience of tech-savvy homeowners.

Your ad placements become scattered, reaching a broad and unfocused audience, including individuals with minimal interest in smart home devices. Your messaging fails to resonate deeply with the specific needs and preferences of your target market, resulting in lower engagement and missed opportunities to capture incremental business.

Meanwhile, your competitors enjoy a competitive edge. With AMC and DSP Audiences, they can identify interested consumers, whose search and behavior history highlights a desire for relevant smart home products, aiming ads at the right audience from the start.By delivering tailored ads to this precise audience, they position themselves as the go-to-choice for tech-savvy homeowners seeking the latest smart living technology.  

Ready to See AMC and DSP Audiences in Action?

AMC Audiences and DSP Audience Recommendation – Keywords are more than just features; they’re modern tools that empower advertisers to take their campaigns to new heights. By offering enhanced audience targeting, powerful keyword opportunities, improved campaign performance, and increased efficiency, Pacvue’s audience features are set to become an indispensable part of your advertising toolkit.

Let us show you how your campaigns can thrive with these top new features.


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