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Create Data-Driven Walmart Marketing Campaigns with New Category Intelligence in Pacvue Product Center

If you’re like most brands marketing with Walmart, you’ve spent a lot of time determining the best keywords to drive growth or the best ways to prioritize brand and campaign budgets. These processes can be both complex and tedious. With the introduction of Walmart Category Intelligence and the Pacvue Product Center, you can focus on creating data-driven strategies without spending days harvesting keywords that you think properly capture a category.  

Data-Driven Walmart Marketing Campaigns

Walmart’s Category Intelligence in Pacvue gives you keyword-level insights into what’s trending and who’s winning in the space so you can create targeted search campaigns that reflect the behavior of in-market hand raisers and drive growth across your most important cohorts. In the past, Walmart users had to harvest keywords via auto campaigns, sift through search results pages, take insights from other retail media networks, use third-party tools, or simply test and learn to infer how users may be searching on Walmart. With this innovation from Pacvue and WMC, advertisers have all the information they need to determine how to build impactful search campaigns and create top-of-page value.  Using Category Intelligence in conjunction with Pacvue’s Product Center provides a deeper understanding of your category on Walmart and determines the impact of search on overall business performance.

Walmart Marketing Campaigns Dashboard - New Category Intelligence - Pacvue

Demand Identification Made Easier

Most Walmart advertisers struggle to determine where and how to pulse spend without any insights into category performance. With Walmart offering us a look into search behavior, advertisers can isolate key time frames to determine differences in interactions and consumption to capture increases in demand. Paired with real-time insights that are driving Pacvue’s automatic dayparting and Suggested Products, which rolled out over the last several weeks, advertisers now have an unprecedented view on what items they should consider putting into market. They can also view what expected interactions look like at the top of results pages, and how their brand compares in both price and reviews to those winning in the space.

Walmart’s newest data sets are paired with the release of their Advanced 2nd price auction, establishing a very firm quarter of releases from the Walmart teams that are doing increasingly to support advertisers with transparency and updated functionality.

Revenue Analysis - Pacvue for Walmart

These latest updates allow advertisers to spend less time on cumbersome analysis and immediately take action on growth levers for their brands with data-driven Walmart marketing campaigns. Now, advertisers can see what’s trending and who’s winning in the space, so they can more easily create targeted search campaigns that drive growth across the audiences most likely to respond and convert.

Contact Pacvue to learn more about how you can save time and money while scaling your advertising business. We’ll walk you through Pacvue’s customizable dashboards, five levels of automation, competitive intelligence, and Share of Voice reporting built specifically for Walmart advertisers.

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