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Capture Missed Opportunities with Sonar Cross Retailer Keyword Sharing

No advertiser enjoys gathering data from different locations, scouring for insights, and then analyzing the data to drive intelligent marketing decisions.

According to G2, eCommerce brands lose $1,967 per employee every year from fatigue-related productivity loss.

Sonar solves this issue, simplifies the process, and helps advertisers save time while creating more robust and efficient marketing strategies.

Instead of spending hours on research, advertisers can compare campaigns on different platforms and create new campaigns quickly and efficiently.

Cross Platform Campaign Creation

With Sonar, users can quickly identify campaigns that do not exist on other platforms and launch them on those platforms.

When specific keyword campaigns are performing well, Sonar ensures that these keywords have campaigns running on all platforms. Users can save hours comparing multiple platforms to make crucial decisions.

Pacvue Sonar Dashboard

Filter by ROAS and Spend

It’s easy to sort and filter data within Sonar by filtering by spend or ROAS. Advertisers can filter out data based on their goals and targets. Added granularity is excellent for preventing the creation of hundreds of campaigns, especially when they might not all be successful based on specific KPIs. By filtering by spend or ROAS, advertisers can focus on what’s working.

Identify Top Performing Trends for Added Synergy

Identifying areas of opportunity is essential to help scale a business. Sonar helps track campaigns across platforms to see what keyword campaigns exist and where they are missing. Advertisers can grow incrementality and capture low-hanging sales opportunities. Additionally, advertisers can utilize top-performing keyword information in product detail pages (PDP) to strengthen organic product placements and improve SEO strategy. This approach creates a solid connection and higher search traffic within PDP pages.

Sonar ensures successful keyword campaigns are created on all platforms to help increase profitability and capture missed opportunities. It simplifies the long and complex current process by streamlining it into a single quick action saving advertisers hours of hands-on keyboard work.

Sonar is available to current and new Pacvue users. You can request a demo to see what Sonar can do for your brand.


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