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Pacvue Integrates with Amazon Marketing Cloud for Data-Driven Discovery

Amazon Marketing Cloud provides self-service access to hundreds of data points to better understand the consumer shopping journey far beyond the last touch attribution model. AMC inputs include Amazon Advertising campaign events, such as impressions and clicks, as well as an advertiser’s first-party data. When combined into a secure, privacy-safe environment, AMC enables omnichannel measurement, full-funnel media impact, and a new way to discover audience behavior.

To help brands reach data-driven decisions faster, Pacvue now integrates with Amazon Marketing Cloud and brings AMC data to life with a self-service dashboard. Pacvue has built a collection of standard, visualized reports with real-time data updates and user-friendly filtering, and similar to other Pacvue dashboards, reports can be easily downloaded and shared. Users no longer need to query a SQL database to perform ad-hoc analysis. Now, Pacvue empowers everyone on the business team to answer pressing questions and craft smart strategy.

The opportunity with Amazon Marketing Cloud allows virtually endless discovery with data. Pacvue’s collection of standard reports are a starting point of the common analytics that brands need. Here are just a few of the reports you’ll find in Pacvue:

  • Assisted Conversion Analysis: first look beyond last touch attribution to gain insights into the importance of reaching the consumer at multiple stages of their shopping journey.
  • Enhanced Dayparting: gain advanced insights and adapt your dayparting strategy to optimize for time of click rather than time of sale.
  • Path to Purchase Analysis: gain visibility into most common purchase paths to better inform your adverting strategy and maximize conversion.
  • Overlap Report: validate the efficacy of a full-funnel approach with visibility into how paid search and display ad types work together to move the consumer from consideration to purchase.

More reports are available in Pacvue today, and we will continue building out our repository based on common use cases.

We are especially excited to see brands use Pacvue’s Amazon Marketing Cloud integration to better inform where they’re placing their ad dollars. Amazon has a full suite of advertising products, encompassing bottom-of-funnel conversions up to brand awareness, not to mention all of a brand’s touchpoints off Amazon. Marketers shouldn’t have to guess how these tactics fit together. Advertising solutions like Amazon DSP become more powerful with multi-touch attribution and a better understanding of the customer journey.

“At Wpromote, we know the importance of staying on the cutting edge when it comes to eCommerce marketing. Amazon DSP is a crucial part of our tool kit for helping clients connect with new customers, drive conversions, and sustain long-term digital growth,” says Kyle Martins, Sr. Manager, Amazon at Wpromote. “Pacvue’s self-service DSP solution provides the automated testing and optimization capabilities, actionable recommendations, and unified reporting across Amazon Advertising channels we need to take our clients to the next level.”

Combined with our recent announcement of Pacvue Commerce, the total eCommerce software for intelligent marketplace management, Pacvue is building a suite of solutions to help brands make smarter decisions and win. Learn more about Pacvue for Amazon and request a demo today.


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