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Target Advertising Guide: Leveraging Paid Media to Capture Target’s Online Growth

  • February 2, 2021

Leveraging Paid Media to Capture Target’s Online Growth

Become an Advertising Early Adopter of Target’s Growing Marketplace

Does your brand advertise on Target? Target saw 10 million new digital guests in the first half of 2020!

You can no longer afford to ignore this quickly growing advertising opportunity. 

Target’s eCommerce business grew dramatically in 2020, with online sales up more than 150% year-over-year. To help brands reach this influx of digital shoppers, Target has invested heavily in its online marketing solutions, and brands are leaning in, with early adopters finding cost-effective advertising success.

In “Leveraging Paid Media to Capture Target’s Online Growth,” we provide an overview of the media placements available on and the Target app, how to run and optimize Target Product Ads, and best practices for growing sales on Target with a full-funnel media strategy.

Download Pacvue’s Target advertising guide to learn about:

  • Target’s paid media ecosystem
  • Target Product Ads best practices
  • Early insights and opportunities

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KPIs and Insights from Brands Succeeding on Target

Brands are already finding tremendous success with Sponsored Products on Target. What ad performance can you expect and the Target app? What benefits will you see as an early adopter? 

View the full guide for detailed insights from Pacvue’s proprietary advertising database, including:

  • 13% CTR: Baby product manufacturer ran a3-month program and saw over 1.5M impressions with a 13% CTR
  • 80k Units Sold: CPG snack food brand with a3-month campaign saw over 14M impressions with a sustained ROAS over 1,300%
  • 100M+ Impressions: Audio brand achieved 4X their ROAS goals, with ROAS of >700% over a six-month period
  • 800% ROAS: Toy brand increased their investment across multiple SKU sets and exceeded 300k Ad Clicks

“Target online sales have grown significantly over the past year, and and the Target App are becoming critical channels for us to meet the shopping behavior of our consumers.” – David Hutchinson, VP,Marketplace & Retailer Optimization, iProspect

Learn Best Practices for Target Advertising

Target’s paid media ecosystem works differently from Amazon or Walmart and your eCommerce advertising strategy should take this into account. Learn the key differences and discover how to put together a winning ad strategy on Target.

These best practices use data from successful brands and advice from eCommerce experts with years of experience. You’ll learn:

  • Which Target Product ad placements see the highest conversion rates
  • How to use bid scaling to win inTarget’s first-price auction keyword bidding
  • Gaining a greater Share of Voice for a lower investment
  • Adjusting your ad strategy vs the growing Target app

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