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Prime Day 2022 CPC Report

  • July 21, 2022

This report uncovers:

  • Day-by-day performance metrics for CPC, ROAS, Spend, and more
  • Changes year-over-year
  • Category specific data

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  • In total, Prime Day average ad spend was 252% higher than the prior week’s average daily spend. This reflects a 36% growth in Prime Day ad spend year-over-year.
  • Overall, ad spend was 4% higher on the first day of Prime Day than the second day for Sponsored Products, and 6% higher on the first day than the second for Sponsored Brands.
  • Most of the increased ad spend came from Sponsored Products, up 281% week-over-week on the first day of Prime Day and up 258% on the second day. Sponsored Products ad spend increased 48% on both Prime Days year-over-year.
  • The Electronics category had the highest growth in ad spend, increasing 580% week-over-week on the first day of Prime Day, and 539% on the second day.

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The data included in this Prime Day 2022 CPC Report was sourced from Pacvue’s proprietary Amazon keyword tracking database, which includes data from hundreds of advertisers across small, mid-sized, and large brands and every major product category.

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