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2020 Cyber 5 CPC Report

  • December 8, 2020
Results from Black Friday & Cyber Monday

Did the massive e-commerce growth in 2020 extend into the vital holiday shopping period? How should the ad performance during Cyber 5 2020 inform your ad strategy moving forward?  

Get a first look at Amazon Advertising performance during the 2020 Black Friday to Cyber Monday holiday shopping period. Gain an advantage over the competition with a complete view of how advertisers approached Cyber 5 2020 and the results they saw.  

This report analyzes the ad performance of thousands of advertisers during Cyber 5 2020 to help you better understand industry trends and benchmark your own data.

Day-by-day Performance Metrics During Cyber 5

Understand how sale periods affect ad metrics with 17 days of insights tracking before, during, and after Cyber 5.  

Highlights from this report includes:

  • Day-by-day performance metrics for CPC, ROAS, Spend, and more
  • Changes year-over-year and what the unique trends of 2020 mean for the remainder of December
  • Impact of the extended holiday shopping season and Prime Day on Cyber 5 results

Learn how this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday compared to 2018 and 2019 with year-over-year insights. Discover where to focus your ad spend in future holiday sales periods.

Gain insights such as:

  • Sponsored Brand ad spending was up 95% on Black Friday and 123% on Cyber Monday compared to 2019.
  • Sponsored Product CPC saw a week-over-week increase of 23.31% on Black Friday and 39.06% on Cyber Monday.
  • Compared to last year, Sponsored Product ads on Black Friday 2020 saw a 36.01% higher ACoS. On Cyber Monday, ACoS was 48.66% higher year-over-year.

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Amazon Advertising Trends  

As the leading e-commerce marketplace, Amazon’s approach to Cyber 5 sets the tone for the entire industry. Where did the e-commerce giant focus its Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales?  Did you know 31 out of the 50 best-selling electronics coming out of the Cyber 5 weekend were Amazon devices?

The 2020 Cyber 5 CPC Report provides:

  • Amazon’s best sellers during the sales period
  • Amazon sales insights through the holiday shopping season
  • How Prime Day affected Cyber 5

Insights and Guidance for an Extended 2020 Holiday Shopping Season  Prime Day 2020 moving to Q4 had a massive impact on Cyber 5 and the remaining holiday shopping season. Your brand needs to understand how 2020 Cyber 5 is different from past years to inform the holiday season moving forward.  

This report analyzes the impact Prime Day 2020 had on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  

With the extended holiday season, many brands ran promotions at the beginning of November across multiple retailers, meaning they needed to run even steeper discounts in order to participate in the Cyber 5 event on Amazon.  

Beyond valuable statistics and data, the 2020 Cyber 5 CPC Report includes insights and recommendations from Pacvue’s Amazon advertising experts to help guide your ad strategy.  

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