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Livestream on Amazon and Drive Sales for Your Brand

Has your brand tried livestreaming on Amazon yet? Livestreaming on Amazon brings interactive live video to the Amazon shopping experience. It’s a feature available for all US Professional Sellers registered in Amazon Brand Registry, US Vendors with an approved Amazon Store, and Amazon Influencers with an active influencer storefront.

What’s cool is that when you go live as a brand to showcase your products, your stream will appear automatically on your brand’s product detail pages and become eligible to be featured on the main Amazon Live home page.

Livestream from the Amazon Live Creator app

More and more brands are getting started with livestreaming on Amazon right from their smartphones using the free Amazon Live Creator app. This app helps create, capture, and manage your livestreams. It would be smart to invest in a handy phone tripod to keep your livestream experience steady for the viewer to watch and easy for you to present your products. I would suggest looking into some lighting as well, since LED lighting equipment is affordable to purchase with lots of options to choose from online.

Drive Product Sales

Drive awareness and consideration by introducing shoppers to your products and giving them the information that they need to make confident purchase decisions. This is your chance to inform audiences on product features, benefits, and special offers in an interactive environment when hosting your live product demonstrations. And what’s so helpful in driving product sales through events on Amazon Live is your products are featured directly next to the video player so shoppers can consider adding to their carts more easily. Special offer pricing and deals also reflect in the product carousel for viewers.

Amazon Live Product Feature

Reach higher Amazon Live levels

Once you begin experimenting with Amazon Live, you will notice that your Amazon Live level will increase by streaming longer and helping shoppers make more informed purchases. The higher your Amazon Live level, the more benefits you unlock – including additional placements for your livestreams on Amazon like the home page!

There are three Amazon Live levels: Rising Star is the starting level for all Amazon Live Creator accounts, Insider is the first level up, and A-List is Amazon’s top level. For brands, Rising Star streams are eligible to appear on your brand’s product detail pages. You can learn more about the levels overview for brands here.

Grow your following on Amazon

Amazon Live gives you a way to audience build and grow your following on Amazon, which directly helps grow your viewership. One benefit is that your followers get notified in the Amazon mobile shopping app whenever you go live.

Explore New Features & Opportunities

If you’re a seller or brand on Amazon and looking to scale your efforts with automation, one benefit is that you will have more time to focus on the strategies that drive profitable growth. This includes trying out new features for your brand such as livestreaming on Amazon! If you’re a US brand registered in the Amazon Brand Registry, then this is a feature to consider trying out in 2022 to showcase your products and drive more sales.

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