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Best Practices for Maximizing Revenue on Your Amazon Store

Strategies to maximize revenue on your Amazon store, including how to create a high-quality Amazon store for your brand, how to launch new products for the holiday season, and differences between a high-performing vs low-performing Amazon store.


The importance of an optimized Amazon brand store is increasing every quarter, with stores updated within the last 90 days having a 35% higher attributed sales per visitor. If you’re an Amazon business looking for long-term growth and to scale, a Brand Store is a worthwhile investment to make. Watch the video to find out what goes into a fully optimized Amazon Brand Store. You will learn: Why your Amazon store is important, how to create a high-quality Amazon store for your brand, differences between a high-performing vs low-performing store, and how to launch new products for the holiday season.

Key Takeaways

Your approach when building or optimizing your brand store should ideally consist of 4 core elements:

  1. Research – From your target audience demographics to account-level data and business reports, your study should be focused on formulating a store based on market research. If you have existing store insights, such as click-through rates and basket analytics, leverage those to pinpoint mistakes and make improvements.
  2. Prepare & Outline – To maintain branding consistency across channels, your style guide should be the base upon which you create your store mockups. For multiple-page stores, having a wireframe and designing in phases saves a lot of time.
  3. Execute – Publish your homepage first and design the rest of the store to fit the same theme. Based on the size of your product catalog, your top priority when executing your brand store should be to ensure consistency across the board.
  4. Evaluate & Optimize – Once your store is live, your brand page console will generate real-time data for you to evaluate and compare. Based on the PPC data and changes made by Amazon’s updates, you should regularly measure performance and tweak elements that can help improve ROAS.

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