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AmerCareRoyal Optimized Weekend Performance and Cut Daily Ad Spend By 50%

AmerCareRoyal Case Study


AmerCareRoyal, a leading brand in the restaurant and events supply industry, collaborated with Acadia, a modern digital agency, to utilize Pacvue’s innovative solution and improve their weekend performance. AmerCareRoyal achieved:

  • 15% increase in ROAS. 
  • 60% reduction in bids during weekends to optimize performance. 
  • 50% reduction in daily ad spend while decreasing ACOS and maintaining monthly sales.

The Challenge

AmerCareRoyal found that PPC campaigns were less effective on weekends, with an ACOS of 23% compared to 15% on weekdays. To maintain profitability, they needed to optimize ad spend and bidding strategies while identifying and addressing the root cause of the weekend performance dip without compromising sales volume.


AmerCareRoyal collaborated with Pacvue and Acadia to implement a two-pronged approach to improve weekend performance: 

  • Bid Calendar Modifier: AmerCareRoyal aimed to achieve better cost-efficiency in its PPC campaigns by adjusting bidding strategies according to day-of-week performance. Bids were reduced by 60% during weekends based on Pacvue recommendations to match lower conversion rates.
  • Budget Manager: AmerCareRoyal optimized their advertising budget efficiently by a 50% weekend daily spend reduction while still maintaining consistent visibility and reach. This smart budget automation enabled AmerCareRoyal to allocate their resources more effectively to high-converting days, resulting in improved advertising efficiency and effectiveness.


With Acadia’s management and campaign execution, alongside Pacvue’s advanced automation, AmerCareRoyal saw a significant improvement in its PPC campaign performance. This collaboration resulted in optimized bidding strategies and smarter ad spend allocation, driving sustainable growth. 

“After implementing bid modifications and a budget calendar from Pacvue Ads solution in December, we witnessed remarkable improvements in just two weeks. The ROAS reached an impressive 6.8. These strategic changes truly made a difference, driving substantial growth and exceeding our expectations.” – Jordi Beltran, Retail PPC Specialist, Acadia.

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