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June 14 Weekly Retail Roundup

Keeping up-to-date with the latest in retail media can be tricky, but no need to worry.  Pacvue is here to help with our Weekly Retail Roundup, keeping you informed about the latest trends and developments. 
In this week’s edition of our Weekly Retail Roundup, we cover United Airlines’ launch of new airplane advertisements, Albertsons launches a new Connected TV offering, and Mastercard’s new AI shopping assistant. In addition, DoorDash has expanded its alcohol delivery and retail media offerings. Stay informed on the latest with these stories.  

United Airlines Lands New Ads On In-Screen Entertainment 

No flying away from this one — United Airlines will begin displaying personalized ads on its planes’ seat-back screens. This move comes as more companies seek to monetize their customers’ data for advertising purposes.  

Ads will be displayed in various places throughout the seat-back entertainment screen. Passengers will occasionally see still-image ads between movie and TV show options and will have to watch a 30-second personalized commercial before viewing the entertainment they choose. 

While United plans to target all passengers who purchase a ticket, customers may opt out of having their data used for personalized advertising.  

Albertsons Launches New Retail Media and TV Solution, Collective TV 

Albertsons Media Collective has introduced Collective TV as a way to maximize the value of retail media and television. This new solution aims to combine the benefits of retail media and TV, offering advertisers a modern currency for targeting, measuring, and optimizing campaigns across digital streaming video and, soon, linear TV. Collective TV will provide three flexible service channels for advertisers (Premium Offering Channel, DIY CTV Channel, and Collective Syndication Channel).  

Michael Kors Becomes First Retailer to Use Mastercard’s AI Shopping Assistant  

Mastercard just gave you a new best friend to go shopping with, The Shopping Muse. The Shopping Muse is a next-generation retail assistant from Dynamic Yield, which is owned by Mastercard. 

Michael Kors has become one of the first retailers to deploy The Shopping Muse, giving customers their own personal shopping assistant when looking for handbags or watches. The Muse recreates that personal in-store experience by translating consumers’ everyday language into tailored product recommendations.  

DoorDash Expands Alcohol Delivery and Retail Media Offerings  

DoorDash is expanding its alcohol delivery partnership with several retailers, including Food Lion, Giant Food, and Stop & Shop locations. Along with expanding its delivery service, DoorDash is also investing in new advertising solutions. 

Brands can now target high-intent customers at the point of purchase with Sponsored Products through DoorDash’s UI or through API partners such as Pacvue. Two significant brands, Anheuser-Busch and Molson Coors, are already experiencing increased sales from this feature.  

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