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About Us

Pacvue Corporation is a fast-growing technology and services agency focused in e-commerce retail. Our purpose is to help manufacturers and sellers in the US and China accelerate their sales growth online and build their brands and business through strategic services and proprietary technology.

Pacvue services include programmatic SAAS-based advertising tools, e-commerce consulting and advisory, and advertising optimization. Our clients include multi-billion dollar brands like Kellogg’s and Panasonic, and mission-driven CPG brands like Keurig, Simple Green and Before Brands. Headquartered in Bellevue, WA, our team consists of consulting, technology and marketing professionals from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Alibaba. Our mission is to empower brands and sellers to achieve maximum results on Amazon.

Our Product

1Robust Reporting & Automated Reports
2Brand Audit
3Keyword Research
4Programmatic/Rules Based Bidding
5Budget Management
6Brand Protection and Case Resolution

Our Services

E-Commerce Consulting and Advisory
Inventory Set-up and Management
Paid Search and Display Advertising
Wholesale and Marketplace Strategy
Content Development and Optimization
Brand Protection and Case Resolution

Our Clients

“By using the Pacvue tool, our team is now able to gain deeper insights and be more strategic with our AMS campaigns than ever before. The insights we get and level of campaign management we now have is something that has not existed out in the industry before. Pacvue has also become an invaluable time saving campaign management tool. With it’s customizable, automated reporting capabilities, my team has been freed from what was once a slow, manual weekly reporting process ”

—Patrick Minogue, Senior VP Keurig

“ Pacvue has allowed me to be more strategic and refined with my advertising spend. Now I can focus more time on managing campaigns and refining my strategy by cutting out the need to pull and compile custom reports ultimatly getting better ROI for my clients! ”

—Kevin Keranen, CEO of Zanoma

“ The Pacvue ad platform creates order from the chaos of advertising on Amazon, allowing one the freedom to analyze, the ability to create, and the edge to succeed. ”

—Jason Strong, Director of LungeMarketing

Agency Licensees

Pacvue President, Melissa Burdick's E-Commerce Blog

Speaking Engagements
Annual Cleveland Research Forum eCommerce Expert Speaker – Critical Traffic Driving Tools in Practice – 9/13/2016
Path to Purchase Institute, Lighting Lecture: How to Win with Amazon – 6/14/2016
IRCE – Marketing on Amazon, 6/6/2017
Pepperidge Farm Assortment & Pricing Full Day Workshop – 7/11/2017
The Impact Forum: The Blind Spots in Creating an Amazon Partnership – 8/18/2017
Path to Purchase – 3/14/2018
Interviews & Quotes
The Jason & Scot Show Podcast – Selling on Amazon Episode 74

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Pacvue Global Headquarters are in Bellevue, WA with offices in Shanghai.
Address: 845 106th Avenue NE Bellevue, WA 98004
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